Transporter franchise and no word about Jason Statham

Luc Besson and his EuropaCorp have partnered with China’s Fundamental Films to develop a slate of movies as part of the two companies’ three-year deal that was announced last July.

Part of the agreement is to co-finance, produce and distribute the next three installments in the Transporter franchise. Each film will have a budget between $30 million and $40 million, and at least one of them will be shot in China. No word if Jason Statham will reprise his role.

Do we really asked for more Transporter movies?

I agree only on these conditions: Statham is a lead delivering parcels across Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Thailand), the best Asian action stars play villains (Collin Chou, Tim Man, Byung-hun Lee, Kane Kosugi) and fighting choreography on Corey Yuen, Cyrill Raffaelli and Larnell Stovall… And everyone erasing from their memory existing of crappy TV series.

The first Transporter film hit theaters in 2002 and went on to gross $44 million on a budget of $21 million. EuropaCorp decided to move forward with a sequel and was rewarded with earnings of $85 million. The third film was soon greenlit and went on to become the highest-earning installment in the franchise, with $109 million.

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  1. I agree, put putting Statham against some of Asia’s best would be an awesome way to ensure some top fight scenes. Somehow I don’t expect to see him though, so it’ll interesting to see what happens…

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