Check out international poster to Taken 3 with Liam Neeson, coming out January 9, 2015.

Check out the first trailer to Taken 3. He’s back! Bryan Mills returns to us with his “particular set of skills” for the third film in the trilogy. Taken 3 will be in theatres January 9, 2015.

Mills has been framed for her murder and he’s a fugitive on the run from every American authority in existence, led by Forest Whitaker.

“Taken 3 film is another story that has nothing to do with him and his family. No one is taken. The dog is not taken. It’s another story with the same characters. It’s different, but it’s very good. It’s probably the best of the three for me, in terms of the script. The first one was really not pretentious. It was a small film. We were surprised by the success of it because it was honest. Liam [Neeson] was not a super kick-ass actor.” – Luc Besson


Taken 3 is filming at Newton College and Career Academy in Covington. April 24, and Friday, April 25, during the day time. The casting call, conducted by Tammy Smith Casting Atlanta, is for young men and women, college age (18-25), with “attractive types, hipsters, edgy and/or character types as well” of all ethnicities. The pay rate is $64 for 8 hours, with overtime pay after that. Extras must be available all day. Send photos and information to

Liam previously revealed that he told producers he would only sign up for a third movie if ‘nobody gets taken’. Despite this, Liam did promise fans of the franchise that the film will have a ‘really, really good story’. Filming for Taken 3 recently started in Los Angeles, where the whole motion picture is expected to be shot.

Jonny Weston has joined the cast of Fox’s Taken 3, starring Liam Neeson.

Do you remember he said once “I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. But I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you”? Who could think he is so serious.

Taken 3 is on its way and now Forest Whitaker is in talks to join Liam Neeson and other actors including Maggie Grace.

For $20 million Bryan Mills, the retired CIA agent, is going to use his brutal skills again, but question is “Who can they possible take from him this time?”

Olivier Megaton will be back in the director’s chair for Taken 3, the latest film in the action franchise hatched by Luc Besson‘s EuropaCorp. The initial Taken cost around $25M and grossed more than $226M, Taken 2 cost around $45M and took more than $376M, so it was obvious they will be making a third part.

The wheels are quickly turning on this with production gearing up to start in March.