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This is a bit new review format for Budomate which you can read here or watch on YouTube channel (I embedded the video below. You are welcome.) Matthew from High Jynx done a great job and put a lot of effort to review this classic martial arts movie in two formats. By the way, this is the review of the first part of Sister Street Fighter movie, there are two more, and you can watch them online for free on my side project that will be launched next month. Enjoy!

Sister Street Fighter is a spin-off of The Street Fighter movie with Sony Chiba. The story revolves around female fighter Li Hong-Long who must breaks into the drug lord’s compound with the help of Seiichi Hibiki and other members of her dojo. Sue Shiomi, who played the lead character, was a member of Sonny Chiba’s “Japan Action Club” and appeared in several films with Chiba, Hiroyuki Sanada, and other members of the JAC. She retired from acting after marrying singer-actor Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi in 1987, when she was 31.

This was a short introduction and now let’s move to the movie review…

Yes, the name threw me off as well. When I was looking through a recently downloaded app on the iPhone called “Tubi TV” I came across a familiar name: Street Fighter. However, this is not your typical video game based movie for children. This is a classic, action packed martial arts film that has gone by the wayside for too many years.

With all the recent flops that have drained our wallets and left us wondering why we shelled out that thirty dollars to sit through it, I was pleased to find a free app with so many amazing movies! With an amazing cast of actors, both physical and voice over actors, a great story line and great production Sister Street Fighter is a classic that will withstand the test of time. The character development along side the numerous fight scenes not only keep your eyes occupied, but also keep you waiting for and wanting more!

Sister Street Fighter

Sister Street Fighter is about a female martial arts expert played by Sue Shiomi who’s brother is a top police officer in Hong Kong who was sent under cover to investigate a drug crime ring just outside town in Yokohama. The police chief informs her that her brother has gone missing and there is one person who may be able to tell them if he is still alive or dead. Upon arrival in Yokohama an epic fight scene starts in a little diner, when we begin to see exactly what Sister Street Fighter can do.

After taking down a few hoodlums giving her a rough time a couple appears and helps her take out the rest of the gang. After discovering that these are Sister Street Fighter’s family members she heads to the local strip joint to meet up with the contact with information on her brother. After discovering each other and giving a signal to meet outside her contact is discovered to be a cop by the security and gang members of the local drug ring.

Sister Street Fighter

After being chased into an alley and slapped around the contact is saved by Sister Street Fighter, at least for a few minutes. Just as it seems all is lost a mysterious man jumps from the shadows and takes out a few gangsters before saving the contact and making a quick get a way in a near by car. The following day while visiting the local martial arts academy she discovers that the mystery man was a friend of her brothers and has vowed to help find him alive.

The variety of characters in this film was quite remarkable. Having been a gamer for most of my life I could appreciate the different little “mini bosses” scattered throughout the movie. Each having their own unique fighting style, this brought a new element to the classic martial arts film that appeals to fans of multiple genres. Through out the movie Sister Street Fighter took down mini boss after mini boss leading to one last epic show down with the Drug Lord who had taken her brother.

Sister Street Fighter

What happened to her brother you may be asking yourself right now? Well, Drug Lord decided to use him as a lab rat, injecting him with different types, and increasing amounts, of drugs. Why was he doing this? Just to see how long it would take to kill him. Seems pretty messed up to me, even for a Drug King Pin. Which is why I was stoked to see the final fight sequence between Sister Street Fighter and Drug Lord. The final fight scene was reminiscent of films like “The Matrix”.

Not only was the writing of this movie captivating and entertaining but the fight scenes were fantastically choreographed and expertly executed, The writing, directing and production stayed true to a classic martial arts film. It had a serious tone to it, but still had it’s light hearted side that stood out in several different spots throughout the movie but did not take away from the viewing experience.

Sister Street Fighter

With so many character that stood out in this film, there were two in particular that stood out. The first is clearly Sister Street Fighter. With so much focus on sexualized Heroins like Wonder Woman it was refreshing to watch a movie with a strong, fierce female lead that could kick ass and not look like she was pissed the pool was closed for the day. That fact right there make this a movie not only for men, but for woman as well.

The second character was an insane nun chuck wielding crook with a screech that could shatter windows. While still maintning a serious tone about him he was able to add just enough comic relief to truely make this a classic martial arts flick.

You don’t have to be a fanatic of marital arts to enjoy Sister Street Fighter, nor do you have to be a man. This movie has something for everyone and is worth sitting through the 81 minute run time.

With a fantastic cast, captivating story line, stunning fight scenes and not just one, but two women kicking ass throughout the film, this one is movie will be entertaining young and old alike for many years to come. With only a few small story holes (for instance, what was up with the hair in the you know what!?) this movie was still good enough to snag a 4/5.

by Matthew Starr

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    A martial arts champion is an undercover agent for the Police with a gang of drug importers. He is put in prison and his sister, with the martial arts school students, to get him out and to battle the drug lords.