4 of the scariest action movies ever produced

Many people will be eager to see 4 of the scariest action movies ever produced. This is obviously the sort of thing that a lot of people will disagree about, since horror is one of the most subjective genres. It is worth noting that horror is a genre that tends to cross over with a lot of other genres at this point in time, which is one of the reasons why a lot of people will produce so many great action horror movies and not just horror movies.


The film Alien is probably one of the best examples. This could actually apply to the entire Alien film series, actually. Some people will specifically watch this science fiction horror movie on Halloween. This is a series that can cross over from the action and science fiction genres into the horror genre, in fact, which could make it seem like a mixed-genre film series. The fact that it is so terrifying only makes it that much more exciting.

28 Days Later

The film 28 Days Later is another example of a piece that is an action film, a horror film, and a fantasy film all at once. Like a lot of zombie stories, this one manages to combine many different genres. Many modern zombie stories are somewhat comedic, however.

Even the Walking Dead is something of a survivalist narrative that doesn’t have as many straightforward horror elements. The film 28 Days Later, which was created in a time period where zombie stories were not as common, truly manages to make the genre absolutely horrifying.

The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs is another example of a film that could be described as an action movie and a horror movie. It’s a film that actually feels like something of a police procedural at this point in media history. Even after more than two decades, this is still a film that is frightening to watch. It has a lot of the action elements that will make cop movies exciting, but this is a film that brings those elements to a point that would have been too difficult for others to cross. Even after more than two decades, this is a film that cross the line.

Star Trek: First Contact

Some people might be surprised by just how scary the movie Star Trek: First Contact is. Star Trek is not a franchise associated with horror. However, this is a film that actually manages to be scary in addition to being action-oriented. The Borg have a way of seeming like zombies, and they also have a vibe that is similar to that of the creatures from Alien. It’s no wonder that villains like these could make Star Trek scary.

Horror movies will lend themselves well to action settings in the first place since the adrenaline surge that people will get with action movies can be similar to the adrenaline surge that people will get with horror movies. Some movies will get grouped in with both action and horror movies, and this is a fairly common situation. Above films that can be thrilling as well as frightening.