Interceptor of a lone nuclear missile

Netflix’s upcoming action film Interceptor stars Elsa Pataky as Captain JJ Collins, someone who finds themselves in charge of a lone nuclear missile interceptor base in the middle of the Pacific

Gerard Butler in Last Seen Alive

Gerard Butler is back on the big screen in the Last Seen Alive movie where he takes on the role of Will Spann, a man who embarks on a road

Cell phones in the movies

A cell phone is a source of entertainment, sometimes a source of knowledge, often a source of comfort, and also a source of creativity for many users across the world.

Best entertainment on the web at the moment

There is no doubt that the Internet provides an amazing range of entertainment options for adults. Whether you are looking for funny videos, interesting articles, or engaging social media content,

Bullet Train with five assassins

Bullet Train is the story of five assassins who board a high-speed train running through modern Japan. The assassins learn their goals are somehow connected – the trailer indicates a MacGuffin

Life Without Netflix: 5 Fun Things You Can Do Instead

When people think of modern-day movies, Netflix immediately comes to mind. The power of Netflix is particularly responsible for the decline of movie theatres – that’s how popular it is.