Michael Jai White (a start of Undisputed 2) is directing and acting in martial arts movie Never Back Down 2. There are tons of MMA guys on the set, Scottie Epstein, Eddie Bravo etc.

10th Planet black belt, Scott “Einstien” Epstein, started his work as the lead villian in Sony Pictures martial arts film “Never Back Down 2″`in September. He has been consulting with producer/director/star Michael Jai White (Spawn, Tyson, Black Dynamite) for the past 2 months on the script and will play the role of the ring announcer of the underground MMA event that the movie is based around.

The “Compella and the Twister” song “I Did It For Jiu Jitsu” featuring Rakaa will be on the soundtrack and is currently slated as the theme song. Rakaa is a purple belt in Gracie jiu jitsu and is currently training under Ryron and Rener.

Ex-Neighbours star Dean Geyer has finished filming scenes for Hollywood movie Never Back Down 2, according to The Daily Telegraph. Geyer, already a third dan black belt in Shotokan karate and trained in jujitsu for his role.

The first film was made on a budget of approx $20 million and made over $40 million at the box office and a further $18 million on DVD sales. Will wait how popular Never Back Down 2 will be. This kind of movie become more and more popular, so Undisputed 3 The movie continued the kumite style started by van Damme Bloodport in a very promising and quality way.