Lethal Weapon 5

They are not too old for Lethal Weapon 5

Looks like Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Rene Russo and Richard Donner are set to return to play buddy cops again after 20 years break since the fourth film released in 1998.

The first film was released in 1987 and two police officers, who were very different, and went from disliking one another to having a close friendship. Warner Bros. released four parts during 11 years and seemed like everyone was happy to finish the franchise in the 90s. But in 2017 full-length movie was converted into TV series starring Damon Wayons and Clayne Crawford.

During 20 years there was a lot of talks and a few years ago Fast & Furious director Justin Lin and Chris “Thor” Hemsworth were reported to take the franchise to another level.

In 2012 Mel Gibson has dismissed suggestions that he could be tempted to make another Lethal Weapon movie.

Gibson once said: “I had fun on every one of them and they were lucrative and good to me. And they really afforded me the opportunity to slow down and pick things and do things that really interested me.”

There are many moving parts but looks like all are on board and exploring another film.

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