Kung Fu Wing Chun, a romantic kungfu martial arts comedy produced by Ng See Yuen, directed by Joe Cheung, with martial arts sequences choreographed by Kong Tao Hoi and Tung Wai, starring Bai Jing, Yu Shao Qun, Kara Hui  is opening in China on November 2.

Joe Cheung: While there are various martial arts movies on Wing Chun, including one by Yuen Wo Ping, there is none on the origin of Wing Chun. I have always been wanting to do a story on this as I have many friends who are Wing Chun practitioners. But there were some hurdles, Wing Chun’s origin can be traced to a young girl, but to cast someone young, who would definitely be lesser known, for this role, the investors would be reluctant, so there were many problems. As Ip Man was doing very well, when I talked to Ng See Yuen who advocates nurturing new talent, he was very supportive. Upon deciding to do this movie about the development of Wing Chun, we auditioned over 200 people, eventually, 6 remained. After half a year of training, some gave up halfway, and coupled with various considerations, we eventually chose Bai Jing.

source: wu-jing.org