Jackie Chan and his fighting ladies

Jackie Chan, following his predecessor and brother in spirit, Bruce Lee, infected the world with a total, all-time hobby for martial arts. Streams of thousands of boys, teens, and men rushed to Judo to comprehend the secret art of self-defense. Someone wanted to learn how to fight, someone wanted to learn how to do tricks, and someone just wanted to impress his favorite girl. After all, the girls admired Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and other oriental masters of martial arts.

But what about those girls who arranged Jackie and his friends the real bout on the set? After all, without them, the most popular films with Jackie Chan’s participation would not be so memorable and amusing. What would have happened if, in the Armor of Gods (1986), there was no scene when Jackie had to fight with the four violent Amazons?

Do you remember this? He then had a very hard time. Many spectators wondered where these beautiful, sexy ladies learned the secrets of kung fu. After all, the level of their combat choreography was not lower than that of Jackie.

What a surprise was the fact that all the fighting scenes were filmed with the participation of … men dressed in the Amazon. Oh, I do not know about you, but for me, it was a great shock. After all, it was something amazing: four women, who knew kung fu perfectly.

They showed such tricks that every time I was watching it with my mouth open in surprise. And then it turns out that these girls are disguised men. At least it was not so offensive that Jackie Chan defeated them all. I still felt sorry about Amazon girls, but not about bad guys at all.

But does this mean that in the cinematography all the roles of fighting girls are performed by men? No! In the Rush Hour movie, where the main roles were played by Jackie Chan and the inimitable Chris Tucker (who also mastered kung fu and showed many cool tricks, for which he has great respect from me), they had most entertaining confrontation ever – with awesome Zhang Ziyi. And this beautiful girl is not a fake. Her kung fu is real. Scenes with her participation fascinate the beauty of the choreography and the skill of performing tricks.

The actress started her way from dancing. It was there that she made her body flexible and opened up new opportunities for herself. Zhang is called one of the 7 most beautiful women in China. Her appearance, combined with excellent body skills, made her one of the most sought-after actresses of the East. Among her best works in the cinema can be identified “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon“, “Rush Hour” and “The Road Home”.

Movies with Jackie Chan and fighting ladies are great if you are dating a Russian girl, but do not know how to impress and surprise her. In Russia films with Jackie Chan are very popular, and beautiful girls who know the art of kung fu only add to these films of interest. However, the presence of Jackie Chan on the screen is not necessary when you see such actresses.