Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing, Winston Chao (Chiu Man Suen) attended the 1911 charity premiere. 1911 was Jackie Chan’s 100th film. As for box office expectation, Jackie Chan instead wanted young people to know from the film that the thriving China now came from a group of self sacrificing forefathers. Has he taught his son Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming)?

Jackie Chan said, “I told him as the shoot went on, I learnt along the way myself. Actually our forefathers have done so much for us, I am truly appreciative. I hope he wouldn’t pursue extravagance any further.” Has Cho Ming achieved his demand? Jackie Chan joked that he was OK. What was his son lacking? Was he not filial enough? Jackie Chan explained that he was just a little short, but Cho Ming has been rather filial. He treated his mother the best. Jackie Chan sounded a little jealous, he said, “No, (is he a big spender?) His Mommy will keep a close eye on him.”

He and Bingbing was chatting and laughing, Jackie Chan explained that because Bingbing revealed that she had a friend who was interested in bidding at the “Jackie Chan Cup” charity auction, in particular the Olympic torch that Jackie Chan held. However the bidder was not interested in identifying himself. Jackie Chan asked Bingbing whether the person would not pay, Bingbing said that she would pay on his behalf. Bingbing added that since it was for charity, she had to take action as well.

How much was this charity auction’s goal? Jackie Chan said that he did not have any pressure, several million would be enough. Actually he treated it like a meeting with friends. He, Bingbing and Winston Chao were all busy on their own, this promotion was the first chance they had to get together again. In addition if anyone felt pressured, next time no one would come. Will he organize another Jackie Chan Cup? He helplessly said, “No, earlier I beg right and left and only raised 500,000 yuan. After that I would rather pay out of my own pocket for several years.

Someone just told me, the charity fund was just in my name only. It didn’t really belong to me and everyone should help with fund raising. So we came up with this banquet.” Bingbing said that she was interested in the torch because it had sentimental value. Winston Chao said that he did not know anything about collectibles so later he would pay attention.

Speaking of 1911 being invited to be the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival special opening film, Bingbing said that she would be working and did not know whether she would be able to attend. Winston Chao felt that the sooner he knew the date the better, then he could make time.