Jackie Chan in the historical war movie 1911

While everybodywaits for a new adventures of Jackie Chan in martial arts movie Armour of God 3: Chinese Zodiac, fans, who have been eagerly waiting for his next movie, would be glad to know that, he is getting ready to please them with his martial art skills in 1911.

The movie 1911 is a historical war movie. The story of the movie is about building the Republic of China, after the ‘Qing Dynasty’ was overthrown by the nationalist forces, which was led by Sun Yat-sen, played by Winston Chao.

Zhang Li is the director of the movie, while Jackie Chan as co-director. As per the reports, Jackie has been credited as the ‘general director’ and Zhang as the traditional director. It is believed that, Chan would direct the characters playing as generals in the movie, while the rest of the movie will be directed by Li.

Chan also choreographed the stunts in the movie, as he is well known for his martial arts. His fans would surely enjoy his stunts, as it would always a treat to watch the skills of a innovative artist.

The epic movie 1911 is set to hit theaters in US and China on October 11, 2011.


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