Ip Man 4 will start shooting in 2018

Ip Man 4 is currently in its script-writing stage and is set to start production in March 2018.

“Director Wilson Yip is getting the script together right now,” said Donnie. “Production should start in March of next year, because that’s when we all have time in our schedules. I’ve saved that slot for Ip Man 4 already.”

Donnie Yen just announced Ip Man 4 starts shooting in 2018. So fingers crossed. One question still remains – will we see more Bruce Lee?

Check out the promo poster below.

Ip Man 4

On September 30 Donie Yen announced that he and Wilson Yip will unite for the fourth time to bring us another part of a highly successful movie franchise Ip Man.

“I want to share this very excit(ing) news with you all, my good friend Wilson Yip, who had directed all of my last three Ipman series, tonight, we have decided to reunite and continue to make our next project together, Ipman4! Yes I-P-M-A-N part 4!”

First Ip Man grossed $21 million, Ip Man 2 – $49 million, and Ip Man 3 grossed $156 million, so no wonder producers decided to film another part, a movie business is still the business, but fans don’t mind while Donnie will be beating a crap out of bad guys on a screen.

The final film Ip Man 3 was open on 300 screens across North America and showed Donnie Yen takes on none other than Iron Mike Tyson. Which action star or a famous fighter producers will find to surprise fans in Ip Man 4 we can only guess but let’s wait for a couple of months.

But the main question – “Will we see more Bruce Lee?”