Glad to tell you that Gary Daniels, who I know since year 2000, is back to martial arts movie style with his new project named Forced to Fight.

His last big project was The Expendables actioner with amazing pack of actors like Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts and Steve Austin, who he spent a lot of good time on and off the sets with. After Sly’s blockbuster, which will have the sequel showing in August 2012, wrestling legend Austin called Gary to work on “Hunt to Kill” movie, where Gary played a bad guy… again. Later he was hired on the Game of Death action movie to play alongside Robert Davi and Wesley Snipes as Zander… a bad guy.

I was waiting when he will get his opportunity to play a good guy after so many years and play a real hero in a real martial arts movie. As a traveller Gary likes to spend time in Thailand training in Muay Thai, visiting Bangkok Film Festivals as a special guest and shooting in movies, his last work is a trilogy named The Mark, first movie named “The Mark – Light 777″ and second one is “The Mark – Bangkok Rising”, the 3rd part will be shot in Europe this summer. As I can see from the photos he is playing a bad guy again alongside Craig Scheffer and Eric Roberts.

And eventually Gary suprised all the fans with a new martial arts movie called Forced to Fight, where he plays a lead and fights big MMA guys in the ring. Film was filmed in Romania and shows professional fighting skills of Gary in a ring fights against some huge fighters. I like to see him back to his roots. On his Facebook page one guy commented photos and said: “You are frozen in time my friend. You have yet to age!”, but Gary replied “Tell that to my muscles after 3 days of fighting!”. Come on, Gary, we all know you are a beast and trains enough to spend much more time fighting.

In his latest interview Gary told he is waiting to hear on a bigger project that goes this summer, so I only hope he would not be refused again as it happened with Rambo movie.