Jet Li in 3D in Flying Swords of Dragon Inn

In Swordsman in 1992, director Tsui Hark materialised Jin Yong’s Dugu Swordplay through a series of creative action designs. And now, the triumvirate are coming together again on martial arts movie Flying Swords of Dragon Inn, poised to present the ultimate 3D swordplay techniques visually.

Tsui Hark explains “There are three major criteria pertaining to wushu choreography, the exquisiteness and difficulty level of the moves, the set up as a whole, and how to use film to show the characteristics and principles behind wushu. 3D brings about a whole new visual experience, and would ultimately result in actions designed originally for 2D filming losing impact, so, we can’t simply import these three points based on traditional ways of filming.”

Jet Li admits that it’s very hard to do 3D martial arts sequences, 3D filming is very complicated, sometimes, the action per sec might be a perfect take, but, owing to special requirements of 3D positioning, it still needs to be shot again several times. And to present stronger sense of depth in 3D, they would need to dissect a whole series of complex action. Jet Li says that action scenes in Flying Swords of Dragon Inn now need more than 10 takes, so he would feel more nervous.

After filming Flying Swords of Dragon Inn for 2 months, Jet Li has finished his all scenes on Dec 24, 2010. On the last day, he did 20 shots straight from morning to midnight, including highly demanding action.

There is no trailer for upcoming movie yet, so you can enjoy Swordsman of 1992 video for now.


source: wu-jing

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