Remember when you board an airplane, and one of those beautiful and sexy flight attendants assists you and shows you your seat, you can’t help but to think whether or not you should ask her out? well, you might want to think again, especially when you board Hong Kong Airline’ planes.

Hong Kong airline now takes its flight attendants to learn Wing Chun form of kung fu, one of the airline hopes to help the crew deal with the bad and the drunk passenger.

Statistically, the Hong Kong company is responsible for three to four unruly passengers every week, according to his spokeswoman Eva Chan.

Katherine Cheung Wing Chun instructor says martial art is ideal for airline crews, especially women, because it can be used in tight spaces, small and confined like a plane at a time.

If you’re lucky, you can see one of them in action soon. The advantage of kung fu training has already been demonstrated: Some time ago, a flight attendant used his visit to resolve a conflict on a flight Beijing-Hong Kong route. Fortunately, things do not end in a few thousand passengers traveling kick that would really stink.

In essence, that the passenger was a great guy, was too much to drink and took off during the flight, and a beautiful flight attendant said she was able to handle the situation because of his increased confidence to learn kung fu .