El Camino movie review

One of the most popular action-drama series Braking Bad is back with a movie where is explained what happens in the future after the chaotically brilliant ending. The story behind the dark and highly tempered Chemistry teacher Walter White played by Bryan Cranston where he becomes a drug lord alongside his partner Jessie Pinkman played by Aaron Paul. 

Walter found out that he has lounge cancer so he decided to make money to leave for his family in case he passes away. Vince Gilligan (the director) created all sorts of crazy moments in the series and people had high expectations for the new movie El Camino.

This new movie is continuing the story of the series. In the Breaking Bad finale, Walt was lying dead in the chemistry lab as Jesse escapes his enslavement by Nazi drug lords in Chevrolet El Camino, which is where the name comes from.

The movie picks up just where the show ended as Jesse is running away from the bad guys. If you’ve seen Breaking Bad you know that things are not just going to mend themselves and if Jesse even managed to run away from the Nazis, he’ll be straight back into trouble. 

Vince Gilligan created Braking Bad in a way that there is continues trouble for both of them escalating small problems into big ones, and it seems like El Camino is not going to be an exception.

El Camino is telling the story about Jesse after the big finale and we can see some characters from the Breaking Bad series. Most of the characters from the series are not alive, and not all of them needed to be resurrected. However, even though it is not the full set of Breaking Bad it still features some of the most iconic characters which are joyful to watch.

The movie has many flashbacks from the past, with more plot twists than the usual NBA betting odds throughout the season. With all these new spirals, interestingly enough there are even sillier and weird people that do all kinds of odd things and you don’t know where the movie goes. 

Breaking Bad was one of the series which had a satisfying ending, and as you watch El Camino you are praying that the ending turns up to be good for the characters even though you know that it surely will get a turn for the worse. Jesse is struggling to recover from his torture of the neo-Nazis and there are more connections with secondary characters from the series, revealing the full story. 

However, if you are running away from bad things in your life, you have the best odds in staying with Jesse, just because somehow he always manages to pull away.

There was a six-year gap from where the show ended and this new movie, and people expect more from movies as the stakes and the scale is bigger. However, even though we expected something extraordinary from a one-off movie, we only got just another Breaking Bad episode. 

Don’t get me wrong, it is still a very good and interesting movie that will keep you interested every second, but it is now something that will stay with you forever.

El Camino is showing us the real side of every action and the consequences behind them. The real events are covered by real things where your hero still has to come home and sleep or take a shower like the rest of us. There are many deals done in this movie and a lot of money in question which is expected since you are in the drug industry. 

El Camino is a TV series shaped in the form of a movie, which is not a bad thing. So, if you are a fan of Breaking Bad, make sure you watch it just because you’ll definitely won’t regret your decision.