Are you ready for Chocolate 2 Film in 3D? Director Prachya Pinkaew supplied us with not so bad martial arts movies right away from Thailand, but on my opinion his best works were with Tony Jaa on board. I like how Jija Yanin looks on the screen, but kung fu film Chocolate didn’t impress me in 2008. Producers all over the world are trying to find another Cynthia Rothrock, but with no results.

Now Prachya Pinkaew is working on his English language debut White Elephant with Kevin Bacon and karate movie named The Kick concerning a Korean family of Taekwondo masters living in Bangkok. The switch in fighting styles has led to a change in fight choreographers with Taekwondo expert Master An of the Korean Tigers in charge of the action.

I am not such a fan of 3D, I still prefer to watch movie old way, but probably will be interested to see prospect of Yanin’s fists and feet bursting out of the screen in Chocolate 2 Film, even action was always tough to do in three dimensions. Let’s wait, and wait patiently, to see how Thai director will do this.

As I can see Thai film makers started to use 3D are very active, another martial arts movie Lethal Strike will be shot mostly in English and in 3D! Synopsis: In Thailand, during a period of violence and corruption, a brutal new underground tournament has emerged, pitting Muay Thai fighters against each other in a deadly arena known as THE DOG TANK. In this dangerous world, an American operative and a Muay Thai boxer form a reluctant alliance. One fights for justice – while the other fights for revenge.

So let’s wait a little and have our time to prepare 3D eye glasses to watch Chocolate 2 Film.