Bouncer is looking for a way out of the violent night time environment

Inspired by the Patrick Swayze-headlined bar room brawl thriller, Roadhouse, Bouncer is described as a much more darker-toned modern take on the genre, around a bouncer looking for a way out of the violent night time environment of the club scene after the death of his brother, a well-respected sensei.

Action thriller Bouncer is directed by from Australian writer and filmmaker Sam Cleveland. The film is currently in development with several bits of concept footage shot by the director, including a making-of featurette.

Plot: Curtis Conway, a nightclub bouncer looking to leave behind a life of violence, struggles to free himself from a seedy after-dark world of drugs, brutality and corruption. As a citywide mob war for control of nightclub drug profits erupts, Conway, an urban samurai and natural protector, also finds his loyalty tested as he shields his boss’s mistreated wife from the conflict.

source: filmcombatsyndicate

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