Looks like Phillip Noyce is out and the director of Ninja Assassin and V for Vendetta is in. Variety reports that James McTeigue will be directing the Bloodsport reboot. No word on the cast, but the reboot will explore the life of 21st century mercenaries as they collide with the underground world of Brazilian Vale Tudo fighting.

Craig Rosenberg (The Uninvited) is re-writing the script based off a story by Robert Mark Kamen (Taken) and Phillip Noyce (Salt).

None other than the ‘Shindoshi, or mentor, to protagonist Frank Dux. It would be a nice way for Van Damme to come full circle after all these years and he already did an excellent job playing teacher to Cung Le in Dragon Eyes. However, Van Damme is claiming that the makers of the Bloodsport remake don’t want much to do with him, presumably because they want their new film to stand on its own.

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Some time ago Jean-Claude Van Damme started talking about a sequel to his most popular martial arts movie Bloodsport. And now Robert Mark Kamen decided to tell the truth during his interview to Crave Online.

Director Phillip Noyce and producer Edward Pressman is going to remake the Bloodsport movie and hired the famous film’s writer Robert Mark Kamen for this. According to him there is no room in the remake for Jean-Claude Van Damme.

“This film resembles the original in title only. It has nothing to do with any Kumite contest. It has nothing to do with Frank Dux. If the title was not the same, you would not associate the two films. To use JCVD would make no sense because the association would be lost as the story has nothing to do with the first one. If anything it would be a distraction.”

But according to Kamen, the remake is so vastly different from the basic kumite tournament fighting model of the first Bloodsport, that it probably makes sense not to have any van Damme anywhere near this new version.

Read the full interview here.

source: beyondhollywood.com, craveonline.com