Gary Daniels will play a Special Ops trooper in Blackwater

Here comes exclusive news about Gary Daniels.

Fleur De Lis Film Studios announced today that martial artist Gary Daniels known by action movies of 90s, Tekken and first Expendables will lead the cast of the action adventure film Blackwater directed by veteran stuntman and producer B.J Davis. The studio describes the film as “All Quiet On The Western Front” set in Afghanistan.

Davis, who has worked in stunts on a variety of action classics including The Delta Force and Universal Soldier, says “Gary Daniels and I go back for decades. He is one of the best in the business.  Blackwater will be a real showcase for him – as both a martial artist and actor. ”

Daniels will play a Special Ops trooper who switches sides and sets out to seek justice for the oppressed he was hired to police. Andrew Lawrence (Sniper 3) and Christopher Showerman (C.S.I Miami) have also been cast for a film. Action movie vet John D.Schofield is producing.

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