Black Dynamite looks like a product of its era, with contrast and color reproduction that are all over the map, sometimes lending to the picture a yellow tint.

If you haven’t heard of the movie yet…imagine if someone made a 70’s Blacksploitation movie today. Except it isn’t a modern movie at all…it’s been made to look like it’s from the 70’s and it’s got all the usual cliché’s to go with it.

When “the man” kills his brother, pumps heroin into the local orphanage, and floods the ghetto with a secret weapon disguised as Anaconda Malt Liquor, there is only one brother bad enough, strong enough, and brave enough to take them on: the legendary Black Dynamite. Black Dynamite is a throwback with an attitude. Hilarious, campy, hot, and sexy, it plays with every cliché from 1970s film and television, with a few new ones thrown in for color.