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best action movies 2022


55 action movies of 2022

Black Crab

black crab poster

Release date: March 18, 2022
Country of origin: Sweden

Director: Adam Berg
Writers: Adam Berg, Pelle Radstrom, Surbhi Sehgal
Stars: Noomi Rapace, Jakob Oftebro, Dar Salim

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this Swedish action thriller follows six soldiers sent on a covert mission to transport a mysterious package across a frozen archipelago without knowing what dangers lie ahead or who – if anyone – they can trust.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

everything everywhere all at once poster

Release date: March 25, 2022
Country of origin: United States

Directors: Dan Kwan. Daniel Scheinert
Writers: Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert
Stars: Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, Jamie Lee Curtis

An aging Chinese immigrant is swept up in an insane adventure, in which she alone can save the world by exploring other universes connecting with the lives she could have led.

Eraser: Reborn

eraser reborn poster

Release date: March 31, 2022
Country of origin: United States

Director: John Pogue
Writers: Tony Puryear, Walon Green, Michael S. Chernuchin
Stars: Dominic Sherwood, Jacky Lai, McKinley Belcher III

It is based on U.S. Marshal Mason Pollard who is specialized in engineering the fake deaths of witnesses that leaves no trace of their existence.


contractor poster

Release date: April 1, 2022
Country of origin: United States

Director: Tarik Saleh
Writer: J.P. Davis
Stars: Chris Pine, Gillian Jacobs, Sander Thomas

A discharged U.S. Special Forces sergeant, James Harper, risks everything for his family when he joins a private contracting organization.

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations

yaksha ruthless operations poster

Release date: April 8, 2022
Country of origin: South Korea

Director: Hyeon Na
Writers: Sang-hoon Ahn, Hyeon Na
Stars: Sol Kyung-gu, Park Hae-soo, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi

Nicknamed after a human-devouring spirit, the ruthless leader of an overseas black ops team takes up a dangerous mission in a city riddled with spies.


ambulance poster

Release date: April 8, 2022
Country of origin: United States

Director: Michael Bay
Writers: Chris Fedak, Laurits Munch-Petersen, Lars Andreas Pedersen
Stars: Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Eiza Gonzalez

Decorated veteran Will Sharp, desperate for money to cover his wife’s medical bills, asks for help from his adoptive brother Danny. A charismatic career criminal, Danny instead offers him a score: the biggest bank heist in Los Angeles history: $32 million.

The Northman

northman poster

Release date: April 22, 2022
Country of origin: United States

Director: Robert Eggers
Writers: Sjon Robert Eggers
Stars: Alexander Skarsgard, Nicole Kidman, Claes Bang

The Viking Age. With a mind aflame with hate and revenge, Prince Amleth, the wronged son of King Aurvandill War-Raven, heads to cold, windswept Iceland to retrieve what was stolen from him: a father, a mother, and a kingdom. And like a war dog picking up the enemy’s scent, brutal Amleth embarks on a murderous quest to find the hateful adversary.

Blind War

blind war poster

Release date: May 1, 2022
Country of origin: China

Director: Suiqiang Huo
Writer: Laogou Lin
Stars: Pingqing Chen, Dao Dao, Waise Lee

The film tells the story of the former SWAT captain Dong Gu, permanently injured during a failed mission for which he took responsibility. After gradually getting out of the haze, his old enemy reappeared and threat his daughter.

The Takedown

takedown poster

Release date: May 6, 2022
Country of origin: France

Director: Louis Leterrier
Writers: Stephane Kazandjian, Pierre Le Coz, Franck Gastambide
Stars: Omar Sy, Laurent Lafitte, Izia Higelin

Diakite and Monge as police officers who are the complete opposite, and get paired together to uncover an unexpectedly big criminal case.


vendetta poster

Release date: May 17, 2022
Country of origin: United States

Director: Jared Cohn
Writer: Jared Cohn
Stars: Bruce Willis, Thomas Jane, Theo Rossi

When his daughter is brutally murdered and legal justice looks unlikely, William Duncan takes the law into his own hands, setting out on a quest for retribution. After killing the street thug who was directly responsible for her death, he finds himself in the middle of a war with the thug’s brother.

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