Bangkok Revenge of Jon Foo

Do not know about you guys, but I can definitely see Tony Jaa‘s legacy in action in this new Jean-Marc Minéo’s martial arts movie with Jon Foo named Bangkok Revenge, which will get a limited theatrical release in North America on September 14th, 2012. The movie has been shown in France on June 13, 2012 already under name Bangkok Renaissance.

Synopsis: Manit, a boy of ten years witnessed the murder of his parents. Unrelenting, the killers decide to eliminate it. Shot in the head, the child survives miraculously from his injuries, but finds himself struck by ataraxia. The damage to his brain took away any emotion. Saved from certain death by an old martial arts master, Manit, 20 years later becomes a real war machine, returns to the place of his childhood. Justice is going to fall, and men will die.

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