Avengers Endgame Movie Review

Very little we knew about the number of fans that the saga of films from the Marvel universe would win since 2008 when we met the first movie of the series, Iron Man.

Nobody could have predicted the impact this kind of stories would have had in the mainstream superhero market.

10 years ago nobody could imagine that we would be talking about the culmination of a 22 series of films inspired by the characters of the House of Ideas.

Throughout the years Marvel took us on a trip with a very well defined route. We were introduced to each of the characters, their stories, their motivations and even the most human moments of these super héroes. We became part of their universe and began to understand their motivations.

That’s how we met not only Iron Man but Tony Stark, Hulk and Bruce Banner, Captain America and Steve Rogers, Black Widow and Natasha Romanoff, Captain Marvel and Carol Danvers, Black Panther and T’Challa and many other characters with amazing stories.

The interesting thing about all this is that as movie fans we started to know this characters considered at that time second rate heroes only known by truly comic geeks. But the movies were great and the characters were amazing. That way moviegoers began to embrace the Marvel Universe and became interested in knowing more and more about this unknown hero making a comic book-to-film crossover in an exceptional way.

The “post-credit scene culture” was born in 2008 right with Iron Man. It was some kind of prize or reward to those fans who stick around through the entirety of the credits and consisted of one extra scene. Sometimes at the end of the credits, sometimes mid-way through, and sometimes both, most of the time the scene was an important clue for future movies.

That way, for 10 long years, at the end of each movie fans only talked about the post-credit scene and what the next picture could bring us according to the reference given which, to increase the intrigue, wasn’t always all that clear. Very nice publicity move.

10 years and 21 films led us to the long-awaited end of the Infinite Saga of the Marvel Universe, “Avengers: End Game”.

A fabulous marketing campaign arrived fueled with clues that every fan in the world try to crack. Nobody knew what to expect but everyone was anxious after that sense of disappointment left by “Infinity War”.

Directors Anthony y Joe Russo knew that after “Infinity War” what the audience needed was some kind of catharsis and, without any doubt, this film achieved that and much more especially in the first and third act.

“Endgame” is the sequel of “Infinity World”. The story picks up after the devastating events we witnessed in the previous film.

Of course, the universe is in ruins due to the actions of ruthless psychopathic Thanos, The Mad Titan, who decided to solve the world overpopulation problem by wiping out half of humanity and some of our heroes were not the exception.

With the help of the remaining allies, the Avengers meet once again to try to undo their actions and restore order in the universe once and for all, regardless of the consequences so they prepare for an epic scale rescue mission.

The plot goes beyond fight and revenge though, much further than the Avengers-Thanos story. This movie shows us something we rarely see in a mainstream superhero story. We see the evolution and maturity of the characters.

In fact, one of the most remarkable elements within the movie is the way characters are developed, showing their most human side. In this movie that is what’s at the core. We see how they have lived haunted by their failures, looking for strength, trying to find love, lost friendships, and even family. Giving a message, maybe a little vague, about the importance of these elements.

That being said, “Endgame” does not stay behind with the rest of the previous movies. This is a film that totally satisfies the demand for action.

In “Avengers: Endgame” each scene of action goes beyond the ordinary. Music and photography become a fundamental part of the film, which gives a very nice artistic touch that ends up being a fantastic experience.

One could dare to say that the last 30 minutes of the movie are the most legendary in this saga of the Marvel universe. The entrance of Thor to Wakanda seemed unbeatable… Who would know that it wasn’t!

These last minutes are so incredibly amazing that you will want to repeat them again and again. The best thing is that the emotion achieved impacts both fans and the general public that go just in search of entertainment.

The story is made in the best possible way to be able to use the resources that the directors wanted. At the end are a gift for the fans, a reward for the unconditional love, and a tribute to the characters we have known during these last 10 years.

As the minutes pass we start to see a lot of references to the comic books and to previous films, all arranged in an exact way, each one at the right time, resorting to nostalgia, achieving perfectly the effect desired by the Russo brothers.

This is, without a doubt, a very smart move that they achieved without falling into an incoherent story outside the line of the movie with the only purpose of pleasing those who have remained faithful followers of this amazing universe.

It’s the perfect combination of characters and story that quickly connects with viewers. It transcends the genre of superheroes going way beyond.

21 movies later we finally arrived at the last episode of the Infinity Saga. A 3 hour 10 minutes film with a great sentimental load and an intimate and nostalgic narrative achieved by lots of references to all those special moments that only a true fan would recognize.

“Endgame” represents exactly that. The closure of several story arcs that were opened through each one of those films. Each character in their own way end up closing cycles without leaving loose ends and we finally get a sensation of conclusion.

 It is, without a doubt, a very good action and adventures movie showing maturity at the technical level with special effects up and beyond expectations and a soundtrack that becomes a fundamental pillar of the film taking the most epic moments of action or nostalgia and elevating them to a much higher level.

The story kindly allows the actors to show great performances in the universe of this characters they’ve known for so many years. Maybe is a little unfair to say but this is not what we’re used to seeing in a superhero film. It is totally refreshing when it happens, though.  Especially remarkable is Robert Downey Jr’s interpretation.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely managed to handle the pressure of writing a movie that every fan out there were waiting and that could have been a big hit or a total failure. They finally developed an amazing script with a very difficult story full of plot twist and references to some of the previous films.

No disappointed faces at the end of any function can only mean one thing, this was a really amazing way to say goodbye.

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