Will Avengers Endgame Break Box Office Records?

Avengers: Endgame is getting hyped up by Marvel and Walt Disney Studios as the biggest, badest (in a good way) Avengers addition to date.

If this is true, April 25, 2019 may be the biggest day in comic-based action movie history. There have been 22 movies and 11, and Endgame is supposed to bring an end to this run of the Marvel Comics Universe.

Over/Under on Opening Weekend

The best sportsbooks like sportsbetting.ag, Bovada, and more have odds on everything from whether it will shatter the Box Office records to if and which heroes might die.

The top line for the OVER/UNDER on how much money Avengers: Endgame will pull in over the opening weekend in the United States and Canada is set at $270,000,000.00. The odds favor the Endgame to bring in more than 270 million dollars at -140. The UNDER or less than 270 million is even money.

Worldwide Gross Revenue

If you thought 270 million dollars was a lot of money, think again. The line for worldwide gross income has been set at 2.0848 billion dollars. And with odds on the movie crushing that number at -175, it will likely produce more than 2.1 billion in revenue. The UNDER is listed as an underdog of +135.

The Tomatometer Score

How will this massive installment of the Avengers fair with the critics at Rotten Tomatoes? The entertainment handicappers in Las Vegas and online think that they will judge rather harshly. UNDER an 85% rating is a moderate favorite at -155, while OVER 85% is a +115 dog.

Will Any of our Favorite Heroes Die?

Three of the mainstays in this iteration of the Marvel Universe are out of their contracts with Disney. Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and Robert Downey Jr. So, will they kill off Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man to make space for other heroes in the franchise?

Iron Man

Iron Man is listed as a -220 favorite to die in the movie. But this is confusing, why isn’t it listed as ‘Tony Stark’. I have a feeling that Tony Stark may live, but Iron Man, the technology may die. This will also be interesting to see how Vegas handles the payouts.

captain america

Captain America death odds are +145. So, it’s a slight to moderate ‘no’. But with his nobility and him sacrificing himself way back when … +145 might have some value.

Thor has slightly better odds of survival at -220 to survive and +155 to die. But killing the god of thunder seems like a tough sell … That said, maybe that is where some of the twists lie.

With a runtime somewhere in the neighborhood of three hours, this flick is likely to go pretty deep. It also gives a lot of time for our favorite heroes to get into trouble. They are fighting Thanos, after all. So, we shouldn’t bank on all of them surviving. Especially, the more mortal characters like Black Widow and Hawkeye. Couple this with the dark green overtures that we see in the trailer, the movie looks very ‘dark’, which should key us into the fates of at least a couple of characters.

The run time was ‘accidentally’ released by AMC, but it was most likely on purpose. A, ‘Let’s subtly let the fans know that they are going to get their money’s worth out of this one,’ type thing. And because of that, we should have no doubt that it will smash box office records. -140 is a fairly good return on your money, so if you’re a betting person, go for it!