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Action Movie Digest - Episode 4


Action Movie Digest – Episode 4

Welcome to the action movie digest from Budomate!

In the fourth episode, we will talk about action films released in March this year.

From young D’Artagnan and edge-of-your-seat WWII epic to a tv version of Schwarzenegger’s classic, Super Hero alter ego, and the deadliest killer Baba Yaga.

We have a fully-loaded list of 23 films and 7 TV shows to talk about. Let’s go!

The list of movie and TV shows:

  1. Song of Assassins
  2. The Four Musketeers
  3. Beast
  4. Burial
  5. Project Wolf Hunting
  6. Vesper
  7. Diabolik: Ginko Attacks
  8. Battle for Saipan
  9. Strong Enough
  10. The Trade
  11. The Stalking Fields
  12. The Point Men
  13. Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist
  14. Sayen
  15. Creed 3
  16. Guns of Eden
  17. Luther: The Fallen Sun
  18. The Ritual Killer
  19. The Siege
  20. Shazam! Fury of the Gods
  21. Kabzaa
  22. John Wick 4
  23. Assassin
  24. Liaison
  25. Mandalorian – season 3
  26. True Lies
  27. Gotham Knights
  28. Shadow and Bone – season 2
  29. Night Agent
  30. Rabbit Hole
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