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Action Movie Digest - Episode 3


Action Movie Digest – Episode 3

Welcome to the action movie digest from Budomate!

In the third episode, we will talk about action movies released in February this year that you were waiting for and some you probably never heard of.

From the bloodthirsty vampires and misguided vigilante to the Quantum Realm, Vietcong-infested tunnels, and a comedy version of John McClain classic.

We have 21 films and TV shows to talk about. Let’s go! 

The list of films and TV shows:

  1. V For Vengeance
  2. Deleted
  3. As Good As Dead
  4. Operation Fortune
  5. Last Resort
  6. Detective Knight: Independence
  7. Out of Exile
  8. Hidden Blade
  9. Little Dixie
  10. The Locksmith
  11. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
  12. Ambush
  13. Die Hard. The Movie
  14. The Flash – season 9
  15. Django
  16. Startrek: Picard – season 3
  17. The Night Manager
  18. Ganglands – season 2
  19. Carnival Row – season 2
  20. Magnum P.I. – season 5
  21. Blacklist – season 10
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