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Best Child Actors Of Action Movies


Best Child Actors Of Action Movies

When making movies, many Hollywood directors like to include children in their cast. That’s because most of the films are created with a family audience in mind, often calling for children to play the central characters. 

That means that Hollywood casting agents and directors are always searching for talented kids who can not only recall their lines but also add a little stardust on the film.

Over the years, lots of kids have proven that talent isn’t dictated by age or experience, creating lots of memorable moments in different movies. Here are the best child actor performances in the history of movie-making.

Leon: The Professional – Natalie Portman

Directed by Luc Benson, this 1994 action crime thriller was Natalie’s debut movie in the film making industry. Natalie took on the complicated role of Mathilda, a 3-year-old whose entire family got tragically murdered, and she moves in with Leon, an assassin.

In this movie, Natalie was able to make Mathilda’s role amazingly emotional and incredibly realistic as she wrestled with sadness and the need for revenge. Movie critics called this performance a breakout turn and a striking debut for the talented Portman, who has continued rising in her acting career ever since.

Home Alone – Macaulay Culkin

With his stunned, open-mouthed expression, Macaulay Culkin gave us some of the most incredible kid performances celebrated to date. As such, Macauley is among former child stars that’s still has a large online following, as movie fans still wonder what became of his in his adult life.

In this movie, Culkin plays the role of Kelvin, a charming and spirited kid who gets left home as his family head for their Christmas vacation. 

Kelvin not only has high spirits in this movie but he also very funny, making fans root for him from the second he puts on an aftershave on his smooth babyface. As a result, his charismatic portrayal of Kelvin’s role made the movie an instant classic full of timeless moments.

Taxi Driver – Jodie Foster

By the age of 14 years, Jodie Foster was an acting veteran who had featured in a handful of TV shows and feature films. However, her true breakthrough came after she featured in the 1976 crime drama, Taxi Driver. In this movie, Jodie played the role of Iris, a 12-year-old child prostitute.

The movie was hauntingly believable, and it also proved that Jodie deserved a spot among Hollywood giants like Robert De Niro. Even better, the role of Iris earned her the first Oscar nomination ever in the Best Supporting Actress category at such a young age.

The Extra-Terrestrial – Henry Thomas

While Drew Barrymore is the child actor mainly associated with this 1982 Sci-Fi film, Henry Thomas proved to be a force to reckon with by perfectly portraying the role of Elliot. As Elliot formed a life-changing friendship with an extra-terrestrial being, Thomas convincingly conveyed what it’s like to keep your first true friend safe. As a result, Thomas won the Young Artist Award for being the best leading you actor, and several other accolades came that year.

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