3 More Reps! welcomes Alexander Nevsky and Matthias Hues

There is no secret way to a championship physique. Every major bodybuilding star has his own training routine and no two bodies are exactly alike.

The 3 More Reps! book, first time published in 1979, is for every gym junkie who wants to develop physique to its fullest potential. It’s not a training manual per se, it is a bible for the bodybuilding fan. 3 More Reps is unique!

This book has a long history and its pages are like a healthy cocktail of protein served by legends who really established the guidelines of bodybuilding. Their tips and routines are just as valid today as they were when these men competed. Do you want to learn how they reached stardom?

Every bodybuilder from the cover of this book approached the goal of a perfect body with absolute dedication. If you are looking for tips on exercise, diet, or preparation for a competition 3More Reps! is a way to go.

3 more reps book

The 2019 edition of the book printed in a large 8.5 by 11 inches format includes the training routines of 27 Super-champions including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Alexander Nevsky, Matthias Hues, Dave Draper, Frank Zane, Mike Mentzer.

The author of 3 More Reps! book is George Snyder, whose name is practically synonymous with the health and weight training industry. Also, George created Miss Olympia Contest, the Galaxy Competitions, and the Freestyle Fitness Competitions.

Congratulations to cinema heroes Matthias Hues and Alexander Nevsky for a huge achievement and thank you for sharing big muscle secrets with fans.

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    3 More Reps showcases the golden age of Bodybuilding, and it’s superstars. It is more than a training book. It is a collector coffee table edition, printed in a large 8.5 by 11 inches format.