Check out some photos from upcoming Wolf Warrior 2 movie.

Asian Film Strike has announced the production of Wolf Warrior 2 with Jacky Wu Jing and Yu Nan. The film is set in a war-torn African country.

“Captain America” co-directors, the Russo Brothers, who have their own production operation in China, consulted on the film with Sam Hargrave action directing and stunt choreography by Jack Wong.

“We’re helping Wu Jing out on Wolf Warrior 2. We introduced him to some of our relationships in the business, like a stunt team that’s going to come in and work hard with him to elevate the action on the film because the second time out he really wants to up his game and outperform the first movie, which did incredibly well,” Joe Russo told LA Times.

Cast also includes Zou Kai, Celina Jade and Frank Grillo. Film is set for release on July 28, 2017.

Wolf Warrior 2 producers include Deng Feng International Media, China Film Group, Bona Films and Beijing Culture.

Check out the trailer below.