Explore the bustling and crowded Hong Kong island in Sleeping Dogs

Square Enix formally announced the impending release of their open-world cop-drama video game SLEEPING DOGS (formerly Activision’s TRUE CRIME: HONG KONG) with this action-packed live-action short film starring veteran Hollywood stunt actor Brian Ho and featuring the action choreography by martial artist Darren Shahlavi, better known by role of Twister in Ip Man 2 opposite Donnie Yen.

Sleeping Dogs catapults players into the role of undercover cop Wei Shen, tasked with taking down one of the world’s most fearsome criminal organizations from the inside… the Hong Kong Triads. As players explore the bustling and crowded Hong Kong island, through its neon-lit side streets and sprawling street markets, an incredible story unfolds of loyalty and betrayal, where Wei begins to question his own motives as he is sucked in deeper than he could ever imagine.


Sleeping Dogs Official Site

source: kungfucinema.com

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