Six Bullets movie review

Six Bullets movie review

Van Damme is back…, but is he better than ever?

Six Bullets is the second straight to DVD action movie of Jean Claude van Damme under direction of Ernie Barbarash, the first project was Assassination Games with Scott Adkins.

The story of the 6 Bullets movie is similar to Taken with Kiam Neeson, but too far from it in the way of filming and acting. Jean-Claude Van Damme plays Samson Gaul, the an ex-mercenary who can find pretty much anyone anywhere. He’s known for finding missing children, and has been doing it successfully for many years, until one operation went wrong. After some time he has to help a former MMA fighter to find his kidnapped daughter.

As always Van Damme takes his children on board of his new movies, now Christopher Van Varenberg plays the insider of the U.S embassy and Bianca Bree plays villain Amalia.

Despite having a budget of around $10 million, and running for 115 minute runtime which could have easily been trimmed to a much tighter 90 minutes, 6 Bullets shows a pretty good acting skills of Van Damme, what I was really enjoy to see, he does not do a lot of martial arts fights in the film, but when he does it looks in the typical Van Damme’s style.

Joe Flanigan adds a good on-screen support for Jean Claude, and despite it is a really easy to imagine him as an ex MMA fighter, he looks really good in the fight scenes and this is definitely a step-up for him after Stargate: Atlantis tv series.

The action and the story presented in the film are just too big to be put within one city and moreover 6 Bullets has a really boring soundtrack what makes movie looks cheap and sleazy.

On my opinion the Assassination Games movie was much better and created a perfect duo of Van Damme and Scott Adkins, which transformed to the Expendables 2 and Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning.

… Van Damme to his credit has improved with age for sure.

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