Mystic Blade by Don Ferguson

Indican Pictures presents the DVD for 2013′s thai martal arts film Mystic Blade.

Plot: Sam is a killer by trade, a former assassin who was part of a group known as the Shadow Syndicate whose business is death. But when Sam falls in love with a beautiful Thai girl (Mali) he tries to leave his former life. They flee to the hills of Thailand where Sam tries to live a normal life with his wife and newborn son (Shiro), but the Syndicate finds him and threatens his family. After a violent confrontation, Sam realizes he can’t run from his past, but can only live to protect his son. He forges a mystical blade before embarking on a journey across the globe to exact vengeance on them all…

Mystic Blade martial arts movie was made in 2010 and written and directed by Don Ferguson, and produced by David and Ying Ismalone.

At this point I cannot say too much about Mystic Blade except that it is filmed in a comic style and continues a punisher topic in the movies.

Like in Bangkok Adrenaline and other martial arts films, Mystic Blade seeks to put the best stuntmen in Thailand into the movie. So you can find Tim Man who recently worked on Ninja 2 alongside Scott Adkins and 7 feet tall guy Conan Stevens who could bee seen in Fearless with Jet Li and The Protector with Tony Jaa. Good sign, so you can try to find this movie and check it out.

Don is a former competitor my tournament history includes Thailand Gold Medalist, Can-Am Games Silver Medalist and Canadian Bronze Medalist; as well as a World Certified 5th Dan Black Belt and founder of Asia Pacific Taekwondo Academy which is located in the heart Bangkok.

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