Steven Seagal vs Steve Austin in Maximum Conviction

Here comes the word from Steven Seagal. If you think he turned to TV, you are wrong! Steven just started filming in new actioner named Maximum Conviction. The cameras will roll untill December 9th 2011 during 22 days.

So who is in this movie? Wrestler Steve Austin, who made his great turn to actor and now is a very recognisable face on the movie screen. Old-school actor Michael Pare, who is still shooting in his 53 and mostly known for B-action films like Moon 44 and Dragonfight. Gouchy Boy, a big guy, who playes one of bad guys probably. Mostly proud to see australian-made Bren Foster among actors. Bren worked on many Australian Television dramas, but mostly known for filming for the National Geographic Channel where put his martial arts skills to the test against science in the feature length documentary “Fight Science”.

I am not sure it will be something worth to watch, but it is good to see good casting. Director Keoni Waxman worked with Steven Seagal before on The Keeper and Dangerous Man movies. Lauro Chartrand, who made Born to Raise Hell and True Justice tv series, also attached to this movie as a stunt coordinator I suppose. A couple of his favorite and most memorable Martial Arts experiences has been working and fighting with Jackie Chan in Rumble In The Bronx and Shanghai Noon, as well as fight coordinating on The Last Samurai.

So, do you want to see it?

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