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Largo Winch 2, the French action returns

The sequel of big-budget French action drama Largo Winch 2 wrapped up production in Thailand in April 2010.

Most of the shooting for Largo Winch 2 was done in Mae Hong Son in northern Thailand, with some stints at Chiang Mai and Bangkok. The final bout of shooting was held at Belgium in May.

The Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone has been out of the acting game for a while but she’s back, she joins Tomer Sisley and Olivier Barthelmy in Salle’s second film Largo Winch 2 where playing the ‘powerful woman’ role.

The first part of Largo Winch, adapted from a very popular Belgian comic book, was shot in Hong Kong. It was shown at 480 theatres in France, attracting nearly 1.4 million people. Largo Winch was pre-sold to 40 countries at the Cannes Film Market and producer Nathalie hopes to do the same business when they take Largo Winch 2 to Cannes this year.

The French film team could not stop raving about the shooting facilities in Thailand. They all agreed that the Thai film crews were superb. Actor Tomer said he was struck by “the sincerity and generosity of their work.”

Largo Winch 2 is expected to be released in February 2011.

Here you can read a blog of Craig Leeson who played the role of an Interpol agent.

Official website: largowinch2-lefilm.com

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