Jet Li not in a rush to film another action

While many stars are eager for the mainland “gold rush”, Jet Li is enjoying his relaxed lifestyle and will not dive into projects purely for financial gain.

Although his new film, Badges of Fury will be released in June 2013, Jet has no immediate plans to film another new movie. “Many people invited me to film movies. This year, I rejected 3 film offers. Let’s wait a little, until I feel like it. If it’s fun, I’ll do it,” Jet said.

As a Buddhist, Jet felt an urge in 2009 to “go into the hills to meditate” for a few years, like ancient kung fu masters. However, internet tycoon, Jack Ma, persuaded Jet that he had a greater mission to accomplish. Jack asked Jet to co-found Taiji Zen to increase awareness for Chinese culture and promote taijiquan.

source: jaynestars

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