Garuda 7 must deal with a deadly syndicate

Garuda 7 is a new Indonesian martial arts film directed by Baf Sjamsuddin, whose camera credits include Once Upon a Time in China 2 and 3. John Ladalski is the fight coordinator who worked on Jackie Chan’s Armour of God, Death Cage and Kickboxer.

The film stars Barry Prima, Dan Chupong, George Rudy, Mark Dacascos, Michael Dudikoff and Ron Smoorenburg.

Plot: Indra, Hans, Firman, Haris were friends who retired from service in various state intelligence agency and military positions including BIN, the army and police. In order to save the family and restore their good name, Garuda 7, must deal with the syndicate, now known to have been orchestrated by a well-known businessman.

John Ladalski teaches and conducts seminars on Jeet Kune Do/Jun Fan Concepts including Wing Chun and the Filipino martial arts of Arnis/Escrima/Kali, in Europe, Asia and the United States. As a professional instructor, John passes his knowledge of martial arts on to other performers, sometimes this involves coaching performers on how to execute movements and stunts in only a few weeks, or even just days. He has trained actors to work in Hong Kong, Hollywood, Japan and India. In 1991 he was hired by a Malaysian film development board to train 30 performers for films and television in a three month course.


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