Jackie Chan produced romantic comedy Fate Is a Game

TV star Kenneth Ma will be making his first major movie debut in the Jackie Chan produced romantic comedy, Fate Is a Game.

It is reported that Kenneth will take on the lead role of a cool lawyer. In the movie, he will be surrounded by seven beauties, including rising Chinese actress, Zhang Zixuan, who had starred in the romantic hit film, Love is Not Blind. Kenneth and Zhang Zixuan will share several passionate kissing scenes.

Jackie will be inviting good friends, such as veteran actors Eric Tsang and Irene Wan to star. Jackie is currently considering whether he will make a cameo appearance in the movie.

The filming company confirmed that Kenneth will star in the movie, but did not reveal his filming fees. However, it is rumored that he will receive up to $3 million RMB. Filming for the movie is scheduled to begin in October this year.


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