Steven Seagal is all about a honor in End Of A Gun

End Of A Gun

End of A Gun is available on HD. Watch it today!

Steven Seagal presents his seventh movie this year End Of A Gun where he plays a former DEA agent who strikes a deal with a mysterious woman to help her steal $2 million from a sadistic drug lord. Now he finds himself struggling to survive, on the run, and caught in a bloody game of cat and mouse.

Actually I must say this is bad guys who struggling to survive as they are dealing with mighty Seagal.

Keoni Waxman is directing from a script by Chuck Hustmyre. Producers are Daniel Grodnik and Binh Dang. The film is a Mass Hysteria Entertainment/ActionHouse Pictures production.

End Of A Gun comes out September 23.

And if you think this is the last Seagal’s movie this year you are SO WRONG! You can expect to see very soon Attrition, China Salesman, Contract to Kill, Cypher, Gunfighter, Deadly Arsenal and Four Towers.

Check out the trailer below.

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