When the eagle meets the Dragon Blade

Dragon Blade

Dragon Blade was released September 4 in USA after having played all over the world, including China where it’s one of the biggest hits of the year having grossed over $US116 million.

“I’ve been very fortunate that my recent films have all been hits in China,” Chan told Business Insider via email. “Audiences are willing to take a risk on me, knowing that I’ll give them something different every time.”

Film took 7 years to get off the ground. Chan takes the blame forthe long delay; he says he had to find an opening in his schedule to take on Dragon Blade. But he points out that if it wasn’t for the delay, they likely wouldn’t have gotten Brody as his co-star.

“One day I got a message, out of the blue, from Adrien Brody asking if we will ever have the chance to work together,” Chan recalled. “I told him I was preparing to make this movie and that we could work together right away. I sent him the synopsis in the morning and got a call that night agreeing to work together. It was fate.”

Chan complimented Brody’s dedication to training for the fight sequences. The Oscar winner asked Chan for videos of sword fighting so he could practice the techniques with a broom before he arrived in China.

Cusack, however, needed a little more work.

“John is really good at kickboxing but not very experienced with weapons,” wrote Chan, who said he had to teach Cusack from scratch how to use the swords and knives his character handles in the film.

Though Chan added, “When it comes to acting, there isn’t anything I can teach him.”


Jackie Chan celebrated the success of his latest action movie Dragon Blade, which this week passed the $80 million threshold in China.

“Seven years ago, I wanted to do this film. I didn’t make the film because the government policy wants to protect the Silk Road. I am ahead of them. I hope chairman Xi (Jinping) gets to watch this film.”

Dragon Blade is the big winner of the Lunar New Year holiday taking $72 million in its first six days in the country.


Watch the first trailer to Dragon Blade.

Check 5 new stills from the Dragon Blade movie.

Check out making of video of Dragon Blade, the upcoming Jackie Chan’s movie that will be released on February 19, 2015.

New character posters to Dragon Blade.

3 new images from Dragon Blade.

As reported on Tencent Entertainment, the actor, who attended the Chinese Film Festival held in Bucharest, Romania recently, stated that the theme song for the movie has been composed and ready to be recorded, but the singer has yet to be determined.

“I was considering whether I should sing it myself or not. I hope to surprise you all,” said the actor during an interview.

Jackie also spoke about the production of the movie, saying that he has invested more than RMB 400 million (USD 65.2 million) for the project, and that the movie is scheduled for release during the Lunar New Year next year.

Plot: Huo An, the commander of the Protection Squad of the Western Regions, was framed by evil forces and becomes enslaved. On the other hand, a Roman general escapes to China after rescuing the Prince. The heroic duo meet in the Western Desert and a thrilling story unfolds.

Check out the first image of Jackie Chan at the Dragon Blade sets.

Super Junior’s Siwon will join international superstars Jackie Chan. This will be Siwon’s third appearance in a Chinese film. The new film commands a huge budget of 65 million US dollars, and is set to be released in spring of 2015.

Siwon’s role is not revealed yet. His agency, SM Entertainment, announced on June 10, ‘Siwon has decided to appear in the new work, Dragon Blade. He was given a major role alongside Jackie Chan and John Cusack.’

According to Impact, Mel Gibson isn’t in Dragon Blade after all. Instead, we have news that Adrien Brody and John Cusack are joining Chan. There’s also some speculation that Benny “the Jet” Urquidez might be attached as well.

Check out a new promotional poster for Dragon Blade.

Dragon Blade

Jackie Chan teaming up with Mel “Lethal Weapon” Gibson to battle the bad guys. The film Dragon Blade will be directed by Daniel Lee is a period piece, that sees a Roman Legion lead by Mel Gibson’s character getting caught up in an adventure in China where they cross paths with a Chinese hero played by Jackie Chan. They are forced to join forces to battle an even greater foe that threatens the whole world.

But why a period flick? Chan and Gibson have both starred in hugely popular modern era cop franchises like Police Story and Lethal Weapon, so why not put them in one together?

Are you excited seeing two action icons pairing up?

The shooting on Dragon Blade begins at the end of March and the film is scheduled for release in 2015.


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