Best martial arts movies 2013

The voting is over guys, let’s take a look at Best martial arts movies 2013.

Best movie

<a href=Ninja:Shadow of a Tear” width=”200″ height=”285″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-10160″ />

Ninja: Shadow of a Tear

<a href=Green Street 3″ width=”200″ height=”285″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-10161″ />

Green Street 3

The Package

The Package

Best action hero

<a href=Scott Adkins” width=”200″ height=”285″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-10164″ />

Scott Adkins

Steve Austin

Steve Austin

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

Best movie bad guy

Spencer Wilding

Spencer Wilding (Green Street 3)

<a href=Jerry Trimble” width=”200″ height=”285″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-10168″ />

Jerry Trimble (The Package)

<a href=Kane Kosugi” width=”200″ height=”285″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-10169″ />

Kane Kosugi (Ninja: Shadow of a Tear)

Best fighting choreographer

Tim Man

Tim Man (Ninja: Shadow of a Tear)

<a href=Joey Ansah” width=”200″ height=”285″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-10171″ />

Joey Ansah (Green Street 3)

Paul Wu

Paul Wu (The Package)

Best movie fight scene

Scott Adkins vs Kane Kosugi

Scott Adkins vs Kane Kosugi (Ninja: Shadow of a Tear)

Steve Austin vs Jerry Trimble

Steve Austin vs Jerry Trimble (The Package)

Scott Adkins vs Spencer Wilding

Scott Adkins vs Spencer Wilding (Green Street 3)


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  1. This could just be me, but it seems kinda suspicious that a poorly reviewed movie made by newcomers, produced by a notoriously terrible studio and not yet released is winning every category by a landslide. Oh well, I’m sure there’s some perfectly reasonable explanation.

  2. Sad to say, I haven’ t seen any of the yet. I am kind of behind in my movie viewing. Any recommendations?

  3. I was actually referring to AMERICAN BRAWLER, which was winning almost all the categories at the time I voted. I guess now that more votes are in things are righting themselves. I’m perfectly happy with a NINJA II sweep (though I hope people give some more love to THE GRANDMASTER and MAN OF TAI CHI).

    Thanks for the poll.

    • Actually I really liked Dennis Ruel work on American Brawler, he is a very talented but underrated martial artist. Some of his friends asked to vote for this movie that’s why we have these results. Have you seen this movie yourself? fights are awesome…

  4. I would like to thank everyone who has voted for me and thanks to the folks at Budomate for including me in these categories with such AWESOME talent. I am Grateful. Create an Amazing year.

  5. Thanks Budomate for including me in the list along with such great talent. Mr. Trimble it’s an honor to be included alongside you, I’m a massive fan. – Morgan Benoit

  6. Green Street three the part of Mason was top what a wonderful actor we need to see more of Spencer Wilding

  7. Thanks for the votes guys & girls and all the little munchkins .. I was the bad guy in green street 3 MASON … But trust me i can get a lot scaryer than that 😉 .. Thanks for taken the time to vote for me means a lot love u all thanks x

    • Got my vote mate….hope your career rockets. ..u deserve it spen…mind u its a long way off club zinc….take care god bless x

  8. Thank you Budomate

    Scott Adkins is the man !!! Great guy No1 in my books on and off screen 🙂 true gent with a twist of Bad arse !!!! It was a pleasure to get beaten the Shxt out of by the the man Adkins !!! I would do it all again tomorrow 🙂 i wish him all the luck off the gods LEGEND

  9. My vote is for the whole team “Ninja Shadow Of A Tear” and “Green Street Never Back Down” The best movies!!! 😀 Especially for my hero Scott Adkins. =)

  10. Hi done my voting all green street 3 n big spen wilding genuinely a nice guy n deserve s the recognition has worked hard for this n pushed himself to the limit!!

  11. O !!!! He’s only in 1st place Ka Pow Biff Wollop !!!! Xxx wot can I say .. Your all awesome so much talent on here and am a big fan of a good few of them … Am buzzin thanks for the support you bunch of lovely people i could eat u all upp !! Xxx Thank Buomate xxx

  12. Spencer Wilding what can I say loved the film played an awesome part as Mason thought he was a genuine cockney until I seen him on my local news helping people during the floods all round nice bloke hope u get the credit your due and and many more parts in films good luck with your acting career

  13. Spencer Wilding – Absolutely awesome baddy. Green Street 3 a fantastic film with a fantastic twist. The fighting scenes were outstanding. Loved it !!!

  14. “So great to see Spencer wielding giving us bad ass entertainment In the action packed film Green street3, he has our vote for the bad guy but in reality we know him as a true gentle giant with a huge heart .. Not only a talented man but a family man a giving man and you know what … That’s rare !!!
    Finally a well deserving actor is on the up so spen will have our vote every time and so will Scott Adkins. Hope you get the recognition that’s rightly deserved spencer… Good luck!”

  15. Thanks Budomate !!!

    Mrjamesnunn 🙂 thank u x

    And thanks for all the kinds words and the support !! So much talent on here and I wish everyone of them good luck with there path and keep the dream strong much love to you all keep safe

    O and one more thing …

    Am gunner Fakin smash a load more bad boys coming real soon in some great films hope u enjoy Wots coming this year !!

    Take care out there

    Big Spen ( MASON )

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