Villains of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Grant Douglas Ward, portrayed by Trenton Rogers as a child, Austin Lyon as a teenager and Brett Dalton as an adult, is a S.H.I.E.L.D. specialist as well as an undercover HYDRA agent.

Looking back at his childhood, his situation was not ideal; his mother was abusive and his father didn’t do anything about it. He also had two brothers, the elder one being the main reason Ward ended up in the juvenile hall after he was forced to torment his younger brother.

He was rescued by Agent Garrett and eventually found himself in the wilderness. He started marksmanship training and joined HYDRA shortly afterward.

Grant Ward is a good-looking yet anti-social man. Having gained whole baggage of experience along the way makes him very confident in his area of expertise, as well as always being ready to act against anyone.

Having a rocky childhood, it is not likely for him to get attached to other people very easily or at all, as he does not deal well with emotion. However, due to his extensive training, he often tailors his behavior enough to manipulate others into trusting him.

He does have one mentor: John Garrett. Being forever grateful of the fact that Garrett was the main reason he got out of the juvenile hall, he remains obedient to him all throughout the series – committing crimes not out of loyalty to HYDRA, but simply out of obedience to Garrett.

His abilities include expert hand-to-hand combat, having top combat scores, multilingual, being an expert spy and having some of the best espionage scores after Natasha Romanoff, being an expert marksman and a very skilled manipulator.


Also known as Glenn Talbot, portrayed by Adrian Pasdar, Graviton is a major recurring character in the series. He is a former U.S. Air Force General and ally of S.H.I.E.L.D. before absorbing the Gravitonium, leading him to a full gain of power over gravity, losing his sanity in the process.

Prior to becoming known as the Graviton, Talbot was an extremely strong-willed man. He does not change his mind for anything and anyone and can also be seen as a very tempered individual, quick to get angry when something doesn’t resonate with him.

He often ended up risking his own life in exchange for saving people closer to him. Once he became Graviton, all of that changed. His sanity began to deteriorate and he turned into a sadistic, ruthless and murderous individual because, in his own mind, he was Earth’s last hope.

He became paranoid and ended up believing that everyone else was against him and no one wanted him to succeed. His goals were to
protect the Earth from any incoming threats, killing anyone who stood in his way and getting his revenge on General Hale for brainwashing him.

He is known as a delusional supervillain to the public. His powers include gravity manipulation, absorption, enhanced durability, and collective memory. His abilities include being an expert combatant, having a large knowledge of the hand-to-hand combat.


John Garrett, portrayed by Bill Paxton, was Ward’s training officer as well as a former specialist working for S.H.I.E.L.D. Due to his participation in the Vietnam War, in 1972, Garrett ends up wanting revenge against S.H.I.E.L.D. as they supposedly chose to not help him when he needed them the most, leading him to eventually join HYDRA.

However, he was never a loyal agent of HYDRA and only used them for revenge. He spent several years training Ward on how to be a spy, which made him have someone loyal on his side, always willing to help him with what he needed; including murder and other various assigned tasks.

Wanting to own the greatest super strength known to mankind, he injected himself with the Centipede Serum to keep himself alive; however, due to his body being too weak, the super strength forms the serum did not work on him. He only reached the powers he wanted after being injected with GH.325.

He ended up being strong enough to rip a person in half, as well as owning the power of regeneration; the ability to heal instantly, no matter the wound he suffered.


Ruby Hale, portrayed by Dove Cameron, was the daughter of General Hale. Her lifelong goal was to become infused with the Gravitonium, making her push her body to unimaginable extents.

Never meeting her real father, Ruby Hale was raised by a single mother which led to many conflicts between them. She was Daniel Whitehall’s result upon his work on enhancing humans through the project of the destroyer of worlds, which made her mother become artificially inseminated.

She was apart of HYDRA ever since she was very young, always training to become a great warrior. Her personality, however, is unlike something every viewer might except upon seeing her for the first time: she is ruthless, sadistic, cunning and has a very unpredictable force.

She has no remorse and ends up torturing characters much stronger than her throughout the show. She is also a skilled manipulator and employs a variety of sociopathic plays to bend people to her will.

Her powers include the gravity manipulation, after being infused with 8% of the Gravitonium mass found in HYDRA’s possession, as well as the ability to be an expert martial artist and a chakram mastery.


Kasius, portrayed by Dominic Rains, was the Kree overseer of the Lighthouse, ruling over the remains of planet Earth, decades after its destruction.

Ever since his earlier years, Kasius had a single command: to fight against the Kree’s enemies, even though it was almost a suicide mission given to him by his own father.

Growing tired of it, he decided to destroy humanity as we know it. Some might call this character double-sided, due to the fact that he was generally portrayed as a calm and collected individual, even though, in fact, possess a cruel side.

His powers include the Kree Physiology, having a blue skin coloration as well as superhuman strength, durability, and recuperation, as well as the Odium Empowerment which led him to superhuman strength and pain suppression; never feeling pain, enabling him to fight until his death. His abilities also included being a very skilled combatant.

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