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Ronda Rousey


Ronda Rousey in Road House remake

MMA champion Ronda Rousey will star in a remake of the 1989s movie Road House, taking the role made famous by Patrick Swayze, who played a bouncer employed to clean up a rough Missouri bar.

In an interview with ET Online, Rousey described herself as a Road House mega fan and shared how “obsessed” she was with Road House. Rousey further stated that she would be doing her own twist to the role of Dalton, since she believes no one can compare to how Swayze played the original character in Road House. The UFC fighter added, “In my own way, I am nervous. I really get nervous for fights. I get scared and stuff like that. The worst thing that happens is I’ll really disgrace the name of Swayze and Road House, and everyone will hate me.”

Variety reports Rousey has won the blessing of Swayze’s widow, Lisa Niemi, to star in the remake.

The Road House remake will be her fourth film project to date, following other projects such as the movie adaptation of her book, My Fight/Your Fight, The Athena Project and Mile 22.

Hopefully Ronda will show her best in fighting scenes and more important in acting.

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