God of War movie review

Vincent Zhao Wen Zhuo was once poised to be the next martial arts sensation but he never got the recognition he deserves. He possessed phenomenal martial arts skills, with a

El Camino movie review

One of the most popular action-drama series Braking Bad is back with a movie where is explained what happens in the future after the chaotically brilliant ending. The story behind the dark

Shaft Movie Review

If there is something, I love more than an action film, it’s an action film with a sense of humor. The Shaft is exactly that.  Tim Story has a knack for mixing

The Bouncer movie review

Like the rest of the directorial credits of Julien Leclercq, The Bouncer (also known as Lukas) is set in a gritty, urban, almost noir-esque world. The settings and storylines focus on the downtrodden

Rambo: Last Blood Movie Review

A very disappointing low-budget chapter of the legendary Rambo saga. “This is what it feels like!” – John Rambo. Sorry for the pretty harsh review mates but it comes from

Message Man Movie Review

Corey Pearson and Paul O’Brien are two of the key names attached to Message Man, and you’d be forgiven for not having heard of either.  Paul O’Brien plays Ryan Teller, a