Maria Movie Review

Female action heroes have evolved in leaps and bounds since the year 2000 emerged. The start of that decade, year and millennium saw strong female leads portraying equally strong female

Overlord Movie Review

I did little research on this film before watching it. Before going in I knew it had been produced by J.J. Abrams, though I realized this was most likely an

Anna movie review

Anna is a visually stylish tale of a beautiful and lethal woman caught in a bind from a master of French action cinema Luc Besson. If you have seen La

Den of Thieves Movie Review

Does anyone get excited for a Gerard Butler action film anymore? Long gone are the days of 300 (2006). Now we get the middle of the road films from him

Peppermint Movie Review

I came to this film feeling rather hopeful knowing it was directed by Pierre Morel. I was a huge fan of his early directorial work, namely District 13 (2004) and

Equalizer 2 movie review

Is this long-awaited follow up to the first Equalizer action movie? No. As far as I was concerned The Equalizer was a completely self-contained film that needed no follow up,