Cung Le joins Wong Kar Wai’s The Grand Master

Wong Kar-Wai’s currently working on the biopic of legendary Wing Chun performer, the Ip Man, titled “The Grand Master.” Starring regular Wong collaborator Tony Leung Chiu-wai as the titular character, the

Dolph Lundgren and Mr. T in Bruno Coppola-directed actioner

Dolph Lundgren and Mr. T, the villains in Rocky III respectively, may finally team up. Movie Hole reports that they are “in talks to unite on “Take Back”, a Bruno

Born To Raise Hell movie review

In Born To Raise Hell Movie Seagal is working for the International Drug Task Force in Romania, on the trail of some Gypsy home invaders and a Russian drug trafficker. This

Legend of The Fist Return of Chen Zhen movie review

Legend of The Fist Return of Chen Zhen, revisits an iconic character originally played by Bruce Lee in Fists of Fury (1972), Jackie Chan in New Fist of Fury (1976) and Jet

Benny Chan and Corey Yuen present Shaolin

Benny Chan’s new film SHAOLIN is getting a lot of buzz for several reasons. One, is that it has been officially sanctioned by the famous Shaolin Temple. Two, the big

Game of Death with Wesley Snipes and Gary Daniels

Voltage Pictures has provided the first trailer to a new action movie “Game of Death”. Giving a preview to an agent who is double-crossed by his teammates, the snippet shares