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What Do Martial Arts Stars Do for Fun?

Many Hollywood actors and actresses play roles involving martial arts. What is not widely known, apart from the famous Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, is that a number of these stars have learned martial arts from the experts. Take a look at a few of these stars and find out what else they do for fun.

Male Martial Arts Stars

Ed O’Neil is well known for his acting role in Married With Children as Al Bundy, which was on air from 1987 to 1997. He also starred in the sitcom Modern Family. Aside from his early passion for acting, which earned him two Golden Globe nominations, he has a black belt in Gracie Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, another of the ways he likes to spend his time. He trained for more than 22 years under Rorion Gracie. To this day, he still loves debating, which he began on the debating team in high school. This was followed by a football scholarship to Ohio University. His one desire is to own a Super Bowl ring. O’Neil is also a foodie and has a sandwich, “The Boone” named by him at the New York Se-Port Deli in Setauket.

Christian Bale has acquired the skills of the little-known martial art, Wing Chun Kung Fu from Master Instructor (Si Fu) Eric Oram. As Batman in Batman Begins (2005), you can see him using some of these kung fu moves. Hailing from Wales and the child of a circus performer and a commercial pilot, Bale has relished acting from a young age. He won Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor for his sterling role in Empire of the Sun which was screened in 1987. He enjoys a cult status online. Husband and father of two, Bale is keen on philanthropy and assists Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Foundation.

Female Martial Arts Stars

Jessica Alba is an actress who practices Taekwondo for several roles in movies and exercise. However, in her other life as a businesswoman, Alba has become a billionaire as co-founder of The Honest Company, which originally provided a diaper subscription service but evolved to produce more than 100 products. She enjoys golf, yoga, swimming, and listening to music.

Jennifer Aniston gets her exercise from Budokon, a combination of karate and yoga.  Famous for her role in Friends and her marriage and divorce from Brad Pitt, there is another side to Aniston. She is fairly involved in US politics, supporting Obama’s campaign, doing fundraising for Hilary Clinton, and endorsing Biden in the presidential elections in 2020. Aniston is also known for charity work and her support of the LGBT community.

Other Stars’ Recreation

While many stars balance their acting with charity and philanthropy, some of them enjoy a more down-to-earth band of fun – gambling. Famous actors with this predilection are Charlie Sheen, Ben Affleck (especially poker and blackjack), and Matt Damon. Several actresses also relish this form of entertainment, such as Pamela Anderson and Shannon Elizabeth. If you want to follow in their footsteps, checking out for tips on which websites to visit is the way to go.

Just like you and me, the rich and famous need downtime from their acting careers. They choose many of the same activities the rest of us participate in.

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