Some time ago Van Damme got an offer to play a villain in the Stallone’s The Expendables sequel and now big producer Joel Silver (“Lethal Weapon”, “The Matrix”) wants Van Damme to play a part in his latest project, martial arts movie Dragon Eyes, starring rising fighter actor Cung Lee.

John Hyams will direct. They met on the sets of Universal Soldier: A New Dimension. Moreover John is a son of director Peter Hyams, who directed Timecop in 1994.

Van Damme was also recently offered a role in the new Wesley Snipes action film Havana Heat, which also features martial artist Michael Dudikoff.

Back to Silver’s project Dragon Eyes, film tells of a young man who discovers that New Orleans is inundated with corrupt law enforcers. In an effort to thwart the corruption, he teams with the gangs that have wrongly accused of the crimes the cops have pinned on them. Cung Lee would play the lead, Van Damme would play a supporting role in the Dark Castle project.

The last van Damme’s projest is set to be released in 2011. In “THE EAGLE PATH” he portrays “Frenchy”, an emotionally lost Ex-GI turned taxi driver somewhere in South-East Asia where he crosses paths with “Sofia”, a woman whose mysterious life mesmerizes him drawing him into a world where he must protect her from an unhealthy relationship with high class and vicious business owner “Soli”.