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Bad Blood movie review


Bad Blood movie review

Don’t expect a good fight choreography.

When I started to watch Bad Blood Film I expected to see a really cool fighting action, but…

At the beginning when the titles started I noticed a really catchy music which reminded me good Hollywood western and brought some feelings of emptiness and searching of the way of self improvement. Not so bad start with police-criminal race catch me, product placement of FedEx (but for some reason it was RedEx designed under FexEd corporate style), pair of friends-lovers who were testing their fighting skills in the dangerous criminal street helping ordinary people escape from troubles.

And there we can see Jeeja Janin doing all the ass-kicking stuff, but it looks not so catchy as it could be. I sure she is very good and has a lot of potential but probable fight choreographer was in not so good mood for real kick-ass action in Bad Blood and made fairly good choreography. Fighting scene on the top of container looks really weak and this reminded me Merantau movie with Iko Uwais who made this in perfect way – tough, rapid and clear enough to show all facets of Pencak Silat martial art. Jeeja Janin reminded me Cynthia Rothrock in her good times but seems to me Rothrock was more quirky.

Authors tried to blend action with mystery atmosphere of western, long talks and drama, but like always with such movie genre it can’t be done, just wouldn’t happen. Eventually we have got 70% of talks and 30% of fights. It is hardly can catch action movie lovers despite the fact that producer invited Simon Yam for drama and Jeeja Janin for action. As I mentioned earlier and probably felt it correctly, during filming Dennis Law (producer of Fatal Contact, Triangle, Fatal Move and Election movies) had feelings of emptiness and was searching of the way of self improvement, but didn’t find anything and as a result we received definitely bad director’s debut. What is good about fights this is Ken Lo, he is still in perfect shape and made his fighting scenes without effort.

I was surprise with ridiculous scene when the last female heir started to fight 5 guys for 100 grands prize and made it in bad fight choreographed way but won, killed them… what this all was about???

I wouldn’t tell you the end of Bad Blood Film but it was unpredictable… And forgot to mention cool fight of Simon Yam in yellow coat, good tribute to Bruce Lee‘s The Game of Death or maybe not, see yourself.

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