Action Scenes That Will Keep You Glued to the Screen

Action movies are so fun to watch because they have such a good choreography of the fight or action sequences that they seem so real. This is the beauty of these movies since you see two guys going at it with blows coming from left and right but they don’t actually harm each other behind the scenes. The tense scenes are as exciting as watching the score on your account go up when you’re playing an online casino game. Online casinos like NoviBet keep things fresh with many bonuses and plenty of games but you don’t have to fight anyone to the death to collect your winnings. If you’re into action movies and love tense scenes then the following list is for you.

Ip Man vs 10 Black Belts-Ip Man

Everyone knows how legendary Bruce Lee is, but only a few people know how legendary his master, Ip Man was. The life and story of Ip Man are portrayed in the movie of the same name that has spawned its fair share of sequels. The movie, naturally, features its fair share of fight scenes and the most iconic one is the one where Ip Man takes on 10 karate black belts and rips them apart. Unforgettable!

Lee vs O’Hara-Enter the Dragon

The student always follows the master which is why Bruce Lee is next on the list. The movie is rather old but it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to action scenes. A tournament where fighters face against one another is part of the plot and one of them stands out. Lee has a special reason for wanting to face O’Hara so imagine his thrill when the standoff happens. Lee was known for his fighting skills offset and on so you can imagine what happened to O’Hara in the movie.

The Club Scene-John Wick

The plot of any action movie is simple and John Wick proves this by showing viewers that only a dead pet is enough to make someone super angry and deal with those responsible. Mr. Wick is a man of sheer will and he’s not to be messed with is the message of this film and he demonstrates this beautifully in the Club scene. The Russian mafia is featured again but this time as the opponent of a man with a vengeance. The gun fighting scenes are awesome and are peppered with just enough fight sequences to keep things interesting. It’s a pretty great movie to watch if you’re into action movies.

The Bathhouse Scene-Eastern Promises

Who doesn’t love mafia movies? Action fans love them which is why they should check out Eastern Promises. This movie features the Russian mafia and is brimming with many violent scenes, but the one that tops them all is the bathhouse scene. The main character Nikolai is sent to a bathhouse under false pretenses and he’s met by two assassins. He has to fight for his life with just a towel in his birthday suit. Will he survive?