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action movie digest - episode 1


Action Movie Digest – Episode 1

Welcome to the first monthly digest of action movies from Budomate. 

In these video episodes we will keep you on track with new films in action genre from all over the world, so you wouldn’t need to explore the internet and other sources for an action movie to watch.

The first episode we decided to start with the review of action movies that have been produced at the end of year 2022 but in different countries they could be released on different dates.

List of action films and TV shows:

  1. American Siege
  2. Vendetta
  3. White Elephant
  4. Wrong Place
  5. Wire Room
  6. Paradise City
  7. Detective Knight: Redemption
  8. Snipers
  9. The Roundup
  10. Confidential Assignment 2: International
  11. Kingdom 2: Far and Away
  12. Shadow Master
  13. The Big Four
  14. Mad Heidi
  15. Overdose
  16. Lost Bullet 2: Back for More
  17. My Name Is Vendetta
  18. WarHunt
  19. Blowback
  20. Prizefighter: The Life Of Jem Belcher
  21. Bullet Proof
  22. Lou
  23. R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned
  24. Poker Face
  25. Devotion
  26. Almighty Zeus
  27. Black Warrant
  28. Savage Salvation
  29. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan – season 3
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